The Women’s Wheel of Life

“Once in a while, a book goes to the heart of what it means to be a woman, and connects this to women throughout time and across the world. The Women’s Wheel of Life is such a book, with a permanent place at my bedside. A stellar work!”

–Suzanne Arms, author, Immaculate Deception

“No one gets left out here. All of our collective and individual strengths and differences as women are depicted in their glorious power and beauty. I bless this book!”

–Christiane Northrup, M.D., author, Women’s Bodies,Women’s Wisdom

The Women’s Wheel of Life
by Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard

About the Matriarch
Why Thirteen Archetypes?

Those who have turned to feminist spirituality for appreciation of embodied ways of knowing have struggled with the confining concept of the triple goddess—Maiden, Mother and Crone. Where does a female in her forties fit in? Beyond childbearing, but not yet of an age to call herself Crone, she is at the height of her personal power. A natural leader, she is the Matriarch!

Why thirteen archetypes?

In some cultures, particularly those indigenous, thirteen is considered a sacred number. There are thirteen lunar cycles in a year; thirteen lunar months in the pre-Christian calendar. Although the first twelve stages on the Women’s Wheel are sequential, the thirteenth stage—the Transformer in the center—has the special function of allowing us to move back and forth in life, leaping ahead intuitively to a stage beyond our years or revisiting another for pleasure or consolidation.

Reviews of The Women’s Wheel of Life

“Adds an insightful new formulation to our understanding of the stages of women’s development.”

–Starhawk, author, The Fifth Sacred Thing, The SpiralDance

“A tremendously useful book in defining women’s experience of maturation. This book is a gem!!”

–Brooke Medicine Eagle, author, Buffalo Woman ComesSinging

“I love this book. I recognized myself—thirteen times.”

–Judy Grahn, author, Blood, Bread and Roses

“Elizabeth Davis and Carol Leonard combine the best of midwifery wisdom with the extraordinary depth of their own experience.”

–Robbie Davis-Floyd, Ph.D., author, Birth as an AmericanRite of Passage

“A long awaited recognition of female diversity and development.”

–Vicki Noble, author, Shakti Woman, Motherpeace

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