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Please take this opportunity to explore the powerful connections between birth, sexuality, family, and ecology as expressed in these pages. Let me know your thoughts; I look forward to hearing from you!

Elizabeth Davis

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Alicia Silverstone endorses Orgasmic Birth!

“ I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to or thinking about having a baby! I think this book was my favorite birth book of all the books I read. If you are pregnant now, read it ASAP…What a gift!”

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Praise for Orgasmic Birth: Your Guide to a Safe, Satisfying,and Pleasurable Birth Experience

“This book is full of wisdom about how to prepare for birth—about the natural hormones made by your body that facilitate and ease birth, and how to face any fears you have from growing up in a culture that for so long has taught us to distrust the female body. As practical as it is inspiring, I heartily recommend it to all pregnant women. Your body is a wonder of nature!”

Ina May Gaskin, author, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth

“I lend this book to my clients and have watched your masterpiece make a world of difference in turning hospital births into orgasmic births. So many women thank you!”

Abigail Green-Lank, Doula

“Co-authors Elizabeth Davis and Debra Pascali-Bonaro concur: ‘Orgasmic birth is not a performance standard, but it is every woman’s birthright.’ With amazing first-person accounts from those who have experienced ecstasy in childbirth, this book marks a new wave in childbirth preparation.”

Jeanette Schwartz, President,  ICEA

” Elizabeth Davis and Debra Pascali-Bonaro advocate informed decision making at every turn, and show how orgasmic birth as they define it is within every woman’s reach. Their revolutionary book will help curb the tide of unnecessary interventions and improve the outcomes and experiences of care for women and newborns.”

Maureen Corry, Executive Director, Childbirth Connection

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