2. Shamanic Pro-Activity for Birth-Workers, one day workshop, Sebastopol, CA, 9/15, 2019

We stand at the threshold of an international paradigm shift in birth, and as we face the challenges this presents to us socially and personally, many of us have discovered that standard therapeutic techniques do not provide the depth of healing we need to be strong and healthy in this time of transformation. Midwifery is in crisis, as are spontaneous childbirth, breastfeeding, and support for conscious parenting. We need the means, the tools that will help us to become our most authentic and effective selves in for the work ahead.

“This workshop helped me to clearly set boundaries, as I discovered I had a lack of these in both birth work and my personal life. I was surprised by my ability to delve into the journeying that we did, and equally surprised by the lessons that came to me during these sessions. Elizabeth has a supreme ability to hold space with so much love and affirmation that you will leave feeling held and lifted up by her and the others in your circle.”

—workshop participant, San Francisco


In order to heal others, we must be engaged in our own healing process–and this can be joyful, powerful and enlightening! Once we understand the impacts of trauma and how to transform them, personally and for those women and families we serve, our confidence builds, along with a clear sense of direction in our work.


We will practice techniques for:

*   Recognizing, cleansing, and balancing our energy fields
  Employing higher wisdom in order to set healthy boundaries
*   Communicating clearly–verbally, physically, emotionally–where our boundaries lie
  Sensing and responding to the energy fields of others in a healthy way


Our tools for accomplishing this include:

*   Deep, guided visualizations
*   Various types of journey work, from self-guided to open-ended
*   Work done in pairs, applying these techniques and sharing our experiences


“I totally went into the visualizations and shamanic trances, I had the feeling of being on an actual journey and I totally surrendered to what was coming to me. I was blown away by the help of the rattle and impressed by the richness of all I saw and experienced. This day of sharing gave legitimacy to my experience during my own birth; I found back part of my dignity that had been lost, and I’m full of gratitude for it.”     

—workshop participant, Paris, France


Workshop meets on April 14, 2019

9 AM to 5 PM (one hour lunch)

 Cost $225 ($165 nonrefundable/non-transferable deposit, balance due at first meeting)

Location: 490 Pitt, Sebastopol CA 95472

Send check/money order made out to Elizabeth Davis, to 3201 Burnside Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472

(Please include your email for confirmation and details on what to bring.)


Register early! Limited to eight participants only!


Elizabeth Davis, Certified Professional Midwife, apprenticed with a master from the Berkeley Psychic Institute, trained with Betsy Bergstrom in advanced shamanic healing and de-possession techniques, and is a Level III Reiki Master. She offers this workshop internationally, providing a unique blend of screening and healing modalities to unveil deep issues affecting health and happiness. With a combination of trance work, guided visualization, and cleansing/balancing techniques, participants readily identify blockages, attachments, and invasion of their energy fields, with clear guidance on proactive ways to respond. These tools are not only for personal benefit, but are essential for anyone in the health or service professions.